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Advancing Accountability in Education

George W. Bush Institute accountability projects showcase data, transparency and the need for strong accountability in education as the means to increase student achievement and quality schools for every child. 

The success of every student reading and doing math on grade level is vital to the future success of our Nation. Annual assessment data is critical for educators and district leaders to focus resources on problem areas and find strategies that work. Parents, policymakers, and the public deserve reports that are easy to understand in order to make the best choices in education for students. 

The Bush Institute has created two resources, the State of Our Cities report and the Global Report Card, that provide a starting point for understanding and using available data from multiple sources.  Find information about your city’s school district or your local school with these easy-to-use report cards and turn data into action.

“Educators, parents, policymakers, and importantly, our mayors, need access to objective, comparable data so that they can make decisions to support the success of all students in their communities.” – Holly Kuzmich, Executive Director of the George W. Bush Instituteon.

Ensuring the Education of Our Nation’s Children

State of Our Cities: Profiles of Education Performance Around the Nation provides comparable education data on more than 100 cities across the country and allows users to make comparisons at the state, national, and global level so that mayors, policymakers, and the public can engage more vigorously in education decision-making in their local communities.

The data describes indicators including: a high-quality education for every student; supported pathways to college and career; early childhood education that prepares students for the classroom; and effective educators and principals.

State of Our Cities is the updated and enhanced version of the Mayors’ Report Card on Education, which covered education metrics for 33 cities and was first released in January 2015 at the U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting.  While education data has been collected and aggregated at the state level, the Mayors’ Report Card was the first time that data was collected and aggregated at the city level.

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“I don’t think you can solve a problem if you can’t diagnose it, and I don’t think it is fair for parents or students not to be informed of how their schools perform relative to other schools and how their children perform relative to other children.” – President George W. Bush

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