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Freedom in North Korea

By almost any measure, North Korea is the worst place on earth. More than 24 million people live in the northeast Asian country under the rule of Communist dictator Kim Jong-Un. They are subjected to widespread human rights violations, including executions, torture, and detention, and denied fundamental rights like free expression, association, assembly, and religion.

Core Components

The Bush Institute has partnered with the government, industry, NGO, academic, and entertainment sectors, as well as the refugee community, in the pursuit of three broad goals:

  • Expose the suffering of the North Korean people
  • Put the gulags and other human rights issues abuses on the radar screen of opinion leaders and the general public
  • Develop policies with the public and private sectors to help the North Korean people

North Korean Freedom Scholarship

New in 2017, the Bush Institute is creating a scholarship and mentoring program to benefit North Korean escapees and help them build productive, prosperous lives as new Americans

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By the Numbers: North Korea’s Human Rights Violations

North Korea is one of the least free places on earth. As many as 130,000 North Korean men, women and children are held in political prison camps without charges or trial for “anti-state” activities, the regime controls information as a way to maintain power, and those attempting to flee have a unique set of obstacles in their way. We authored a report that break these issues down.

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Out of 24 million North Koreans, 1 in every 185 is a political prisoner

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“We must continue to do more to improve the human condition in North Korea, especially those of us blessed to live in free societies.”  - President George W. Bush

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