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Team 43 Sports

As part of a larger set of programs that support veterans in the transition to civilian life, Team 43 Sports showcases the courage, commitment, and resilience of these warriors and underscore the importance of sports as part of the rehabilitation process for our men and women injured on the front lines.

The Bush Institute hosts two events featuring injured servicemen and women: the W100K, a high-endurance three-day bike ride, and the Warrior Open, a highly competitive golf tournament. Since 2010, more than 100 warriors have participated in Team 43 Sports events.

The W100K

A high-endurance three-day mountain bike ride lead by President Bush. 

About the W100K

The Warrior Open

A competitive golf tournament for warriors, which includes a Pro-Am.

About Warrior Open

In His Words: Captain Christopher Cordova, USA, Team 43 Alumni

“My enlistment in the Army in 1996 was motivated by a lack of opportunities in my hometown.  My desire to serve our nation and my fellow Soldiers was shaped by my first assignment as a platoon medic.  The camaraderie, brotherhood, and service to a mission "greater than myself" compelled me to stay in the military and seek positions with a greater responsibility and impact on the medical treatment of combat Soldiers.  This continues to motivate me today.”

For players with post-traumatic stress, or challenging physical injuries, the release that comes from golf is therapeutic. Other physical activities can provide therapy, but golf has unique qualities that help with rehabilitation.

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"We will crown a champion. More importantly, we will honor all those who serve and sacrifice to defend our freedom." - President George W. Bush

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